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Recreational Activities in & around Mashobra Unwind your mind with thrilling adventures

The most exciting aspect of a vacation is the fun-filled activities one can indulge in. To take a break from the mundane everyday life, one can rejuvenate in the breezy air of the hills and the breathtaking views of Mashobra. One can unwind and relax in the mystic views from the stylishly designed Cedar Villas at the foot of divine hills and experience an inner peace which isn’t possible to experience in the hustle-bustle of the city life. Besides, there are various recreational activities to choose from! We’ve listed some activities which you need to add to your to-do list. 1. Camping on a starry night One can camp in the valley with the stream of water running along, an experience of a lifetime! There are various groups and organizations in Shimla which organize camps and one can easily join them for a true experience of living in the hills.

2. Bike riding in the scenic paths of Mashobra For the more driven people, there is an option of a bike ride as well. The Barmain- Basantpur road near Mashobra is the perfect stretch for backpacking along on bikes and experiencing the Himalayan roads at their best! 3. Trekking along trails of unexplored places Another recreational activity that will drench one’s soul in harmony with nature is by trekking along the Shali Tibba; at an altitude of 9,423 feet or there is also an option of trekking along the Tattapani stream from Fagu to the village of Chharabra. 4. Para-gliding in the most beautiful spots of Mashobra For those who love enjoy a good thrill, para-gliding in the Mashobra Hills is one of the most exciting activities in this scenic town. It is widely said that the para-gliding route of Mashobra is one of the best in the country. 5. Climb mountains and achieve great heights In Mashobra, one can also avail the options of rappelling and rock climbing under the guidance of professionals with a number of camps and institutes. .

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