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Pilgrimage near Mashobra Offer prayers at the temples and shrines of Himachali locals

Himachal Pradesh is considered the land of several goddesses, saints, preachers from different religions coming together to live in harmony in this beautiful place. While living in the peaceful residence of Cedar Villas located in the scenic hills of Mashobra, one can travel to nearby towns and villages to discover the temples and shrines built in the most unique manner. Here are the most famous temples in the vicinity: 1. The Mahasu Devta Temple The Mahasu Devta Temple is located 11 kilometers from Mashobra, a shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva, whom the local people preach as Mahasu Devta. In the month of May, there is a festival dedicated to Lord Shiva in the nearby Durga Devi Temple as well. So if one if traveling to Mashobra in the summers, this is the best time to attend this two-day fair!

2. The Jakhu Temple A temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman, The Jakhu Temple located at the highest peak in Shimla, almost 8000 feet, is a very popular religious spot. An exciting aspect of this temple is the presence of hundreds of friendly monkeys who are known to be followers of Lord Hanuman. 3. The Kali Bari Temple Various temples dedicated to different avatars of Ma Durga can be found in every village in Shimla, the locals are believed to be staunch devotees of the goddess. The Kali Bari Temple is recognized as one of the most sacred shrines of Goddess Durga in Himachal Pradesh. Other popular temples include Sankat Mochan Temple in Shimla, the Tara Devi Temple in Kalka, and the Christ Church located at the famous Mall Road of Shimla city. Thus, one can devote their time in praying at these pilgrimage spots very conveniently while residing in Cedar Villas which are situated in the Mashobra Hills. .

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